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KISFALUDY MÓR (1814-1893)

    Lieutenant Colonel Mór Kisfaludy who belongs to real Hungarian heroes of‚ ’48 war of independance, lived in this house. He was born in Tét, Győr County, on April 24, 1814, the child of Mihály Kisfaludy and Franciska Noszlopy. After his studies in Győr, he went on a military career and then served in the Hungarian noble bodyguard in Vienna. Eventually, as a lieutenant hussar, he joined the Miklós hussars, then disbanded at the age of twenty seven, and moved to Sümeg. He was the nephew of poet Sándor Kisfaludy, and he enjoyed the support of his uncle to a large extent. The poet loved Him best because of his glowing, militant demeanor from the family. In his opinion, ‘Móricz is a very tall young man’, so he inherited most of the poet’s wealth. Prior to the war of independence, he was a slave judge in Zala County.

    On June 22, 1848, he married Mary Smodics. After that, the organization and oath of the free team at the Sümeg fairground and the organization of the National Guard battalion. He participated in the battle of Pákozd as a national guard captain with the national battalion of the Tapolca district. In addition to the command of the Sümeg squadron, he also temporarily commanded the battalion during the operation. He formed the 56th Patriotic Battalion from recruits and volunteers from the free team by the invitation of General Mór Perczel. He marched to the Mura River and then fought through the most important raids of our war of independence. During the battle of the chapel, his battalion underwent a baptism of fire and then excelled in the battle of Isaszeg. He was there in the battle of Rákosmező, at the capture of Budavár and then as a brigade commander during the Vágmenti attack in June 1849. He fought valiantly in the Battle of Sigismund and then on the first day of the Battle of Pered.

    From the end of June 1849, Kisfaludy was given a different assignment, so he broke away from his lovely battalion. During July, Lajos Kossuth was an aide to the governor and then fell ill. Although Mór Kisfaludy capitulatied in Arad, he came home. He did not dare to stay in Sümeg, so he sheltered and pulled himself together in Zalagyömörő. It was here where Haynau’s soldiers captured him and took him back to Arad. On October 18, 1849, he wrote a letter to his wife that he had been sentenced to death, which, however, was changed by grace to 16 years’ imprisonment. He was released two years later thanks to his friends, who tracked him down.

    He was a tough Hungarian man. After a year of silence, he moved permanently to Sümeg. He lived a secluded life. Ferenc Deák also offered his help he refused. With his silence, he demonstrated his disregard for the system. He ignored them.

    He spent the last years of his life in the Castle side, in the ancient house. He died on July 10, 1893, at the age of 79.

He continues to dream of the battles of the war of independence in the Sümeg cemetery.

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